The luxurious life of Kim Jong-il: caviar, wine and naked women

Posted July 31, 2010
<span class="titleText">The luxurious life of Kim Jong-il: caviar, wine and naked women</span>

After the incident with the Cheonan corvette, attention to the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il from the West has been heightened. In this regard, it became dangerous for him to have bank accounts in his name. Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, with reference to Seoul radio stations

Announcements: Highscreen Nano - the new price leader of the Russian market communicators

Posted July 31, 2010
<span class="titleText">Announcements: Highscreen Nano - the new price leader of the Russian market <b>communicators</b></span>

The case of Highscreen Nano is “framed” with a metal frame, and on its front panel there is a trapezoid navigation key, thanks to the elongated shape of which the device seems to be already what it is. Highscreen Nano thickness - 14 mm. Rear panel device

Weekly program

Posted July 31, 2010
<span class="titleText">Weekly program</span>

Hi, Russia, this is the program. Rare week brings unprecedented events such as those that

Posted by Reporter

Posted July 31, 2010
<span class="titleText">Posted by Reporter</span>

Paragon Software
Group announces the release of the Russian version of Paragon CampTune, a utility that allows you to redistribute free

Negotiations between Intel and Infineon are progressing

Posted July 31, 2010
<span class="titleText">Negotiations between Intel and Infineon are progressing</span>

that produces microchips for wireless devices. Infineon is currently producing

Postal Leviathan

Posted July 31, 2010
<span class="titleText">Postal Leviathan</span>

Probably, only lazy never complained about the slowness and slowness of the Russian “Mail”. Not surprising,

Defender Oscar 600 - slim multimedia keyboard with a glossy finish

Posted July 31, 2010
<span class="titleText"></span>

Characteristics of laptops

Digital camera device The Bat Using

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Opel ADAM Receives Apple's Intellectual Assistant -

Chinese engineers assembled the fastest computer in the world - Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine
<span class="titleText">Apple's key patent for the rubber thread method is again valid - 3DNews </span>



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